How to prapare for CAT exam

As the exam nears, you will need to create a plan to help you study effectively and minimize stress. The first step is to figure out how much time and effort you must dedicate to studying for the exam by asking the following questions:

  • How much material do you need to cover?
  • How difficult is the material?
  • How much time is available?
  • Do you have any other priorities during the study period?
  • What is the format of the exam?
  • How important is the exam?
  • What is your performance target for the exam?

Here are some tips to follow in creating your study plan:

  • budget your time realistically;
  • allocate the study time into several manageable study sessions;
  • divide the course material into small segments and assign them to the study sessions;
  • set clear and specific goals for the study sessions;
  • prioritize to ensure that material weighted more heavily in the exam gets sufficient study time;
  • take into account your familiarity with the material and the difficulty level;
  • don’t make the study sessions too long;
  • study sessions should have enough variety in terms of topics and activities to prevent boredom and loss of effectiveness;
  • avoid cramming before the exam; and
  • Don’t forget to include regular breaks.

Knowing the course material is necessary but not sufficient to guarantee success on the exam – you also need to be able to communicate the answers effectively under exam conditions. Practice using sample questions in the same format as the exam and answer them in a simulated test environment. The sample questions can be sourced from old exams and assignments, which are often similar from year to year with small changes. Even though you are only practicing, it is better to write full answers to the questions so you can work through the entire thought process.

Coachings are helpful for Cat. They will teach you some shortcut methods and you will get chance to appear in Mock Cats. It is tough to say for best coaching. It completely depends on faculty. Before joining any coaching classes, first consult to students who are already joined.

So doing, one time hard work will make your fortune. What is your attitude………….

If any further question come in your mind, plz drop in comments. I will try best for you dear

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  1. Sir,
    I am ehteshab from jharkhand doing B’com with account(hons).I got 70%in class 12th.I am unable to pay the tution fee as the cost side is too high to join any class for CAT preparation. IIM is my dream and I am petty cunfused what to do for my dream (CAT).

    Please suggest for the same and for I will be highly obliged you.

  2. hello, sir i m in 2nd year of my engg and i hav lot of time so tell from where i start first -

  3. hello sir;
    i am a computer science student and i have no knowledge about CAT pleas tell me somthing about CAT

  4. Respected Sir,
    my request towards you is that plz give me solutions to my following questions
    -i m a girl who had never read a book in my whole life till sep since then i had read meager 2 books.i have not yet started my prepration for cat.From where should i start?
    -i m in 3rd year of engineering and i want to clear cat 2010 exam at any i having enough time to start from now on and reach upto IIMC,please tell frankly?
    -tell me everything that i can do in the time i left with.
    -how can i manage my prepration between my higher semester papers and that for cat?problem is they are totaly different.
    kindly answer my questions.i am in very need of enlightment,
    thanking you’
    your student

  5. hello, sir i m in 2nd year of my engg and i hav lot of time so tell from where i start first -

    sir piz…!! send me all the possible study material

  6. i am a electrical & electronics student and i have no knowledge about CAT pleas tell me somthing about CAT

  7. I request you to guide for cet 2011.Also please send me Last question papers along with solutions

  8. my dad is not allowing me to go for coaching as he is against co-education.. still i really want to appear for the exam.. can i do well without going for coaching.. if yes,then how?? plz try helping..

  9. i’m a second year student and wish to appear for gate exams.give me some idea over material i need to prepare

  10. sir
    i am second year b.tec student i want to know how much time i have to give for cat preparation besides joining a good coaching institutes

  11. dear sir,
    i am a student of 2nd year,…plzz tell me frm when i should start my coaching and preparation for cat….

  12. sir m workin right now but i wana take up my pgdm and mat this time…could u pls tell me how do i start…any referances about the books?

  13. Hello !

    just finished with mine tybms exams 6th sem on 24th april 2010.

    i m going for CAT this november 2010. i just wanna make mine basics strong.

    kindly do suggest me some books or anystuff which would certainly help me for CAT preparation.

    i m not joining any classes. so please do the needfull. tk.

  14. sir
    i m a student of it(6th sem)
    i dnt know anything abt cat xam
    but i wanna to clear d cat xam
    plz help me n send some previous yr qus. papers wid sol.
    thank u

  15. hello sir,
    my vocabulary is very weak,and I’m aware with very less no. of words.this time i want to appear for cat.
    i m doing from Delhi university , I’ve just given my exams .
    I’m starting my m.b.a preparation from today onwards.
    i need your help please suggest me that how can i increase my vocabulary power.
    and also suggest me which book will be best for different subjects as you suggested for maths.

  16. sir,
    wud u pls send me all the material 4 cat that u r having..
    nd wud u pls guide me 4 cracking cat 2010.
    m ready to put all my efforts to my full extent.

  17. sir
    i complected my bsc in environmental science and i am preparing for cat 2010 sir please suggest me book for maths.

    please sir

  18. sir . my financial condition is not good . i want to know how does a person of poor financial condition gives the fees of iim’s .

  19. sir i m doing sem.I m preparing for Cat now onwrds.I m weak in math ,verbal ability & those long passages .plz suggest sm study material that will help me.

  20. faculty plays more efficient role for CAT coaching?please let me know about this bcoz i want to appear for i should prepare

  21. sir,
    i am now studying bsc computer sci,iam c the CAT question paper its more difficult. i think i can’t do this then how i clear the cat exam . i want do MCA. how its possible . please help me what can i do for prepare CAT
    plz help me……your child

  22. Sir, can u please tell me which coaching centre to join ims,cl or time,as i m little weaker in maths,i am in chennai.pls suggest me,i will be appearing for cat2011

  23. Hi
    It would be very helpful if you can send me the study material and sample papers needed to prepare for CAT exam…

    Thanks in advance

  24. im doing a govt.job now.. and my ambition is to do mba in iim’s… and i joined this job after completing my in 2009…also, cause for join in the job is to hav leisure time for preparing cat… so please guide me as now i want to start my preparation…. so.. i need study material … and … sample papers..etc..

  25. Sir,
    plz provide me the names of some useful reference books for CAT preparations and the study material required.
    yours sincerely,
    CAT aspirant

  26. Sir,
    plz provide me the names of some useful reference books for CAT preparations and the study material required.
    yours sincerely,
    CAT aspirant

  27. hello sir, i am in btech 1st year in nit kurukshetra this year .i don’t know so much about cat . I have sufficient time to prepare. plese tell me how should i start my prep. ???

  28. sir , i am be final year student.plz send me useful material so that i can prepare very well.

  29. Hai sir,
    what are the opportunities one gets soon after finishing MBA? i dont know much about CAT exam but they say its tough to crack is it possible for some one to get good score in cat with out getting trained in any institution as i dont have time to go for an institution.As soon as i finish my i want to get out with a good CAT score,i dont want to waste an year going to CAT training institution.
    Now im in 3rd year IT branch in kluniversity ,vijayawada ,andhrapradesh.I need your guide lines to get good score in CAT and how to plan and prepare for it and please do kindly send me what are the sites which can give me information and what are the books which can give me apt syllabus,previous papers .hope you help me with this.thank u

  30. Hi,
    I am an engineering graduate (2009) and have been working in an MNC for almost a year now. I have an aim to get into the TOP 20 MBA colleges in India.
    CAT coaching alone wont be enough in my case as i am planning to get into any one of the top 20 which have different entrance exams of there own and hence includes lots of different subjects.

    Please do give a solution for this problem. I plan to do my MBA in 2012 and i dont have any time to join classes due to my work schedule.

    Please do reply.



  31. hi sir

    i am 2nd year student nit hamirpur.
    i want to go for cat after my the problem is this place is in himachal and there is no cat coaching institute and other sources available here in this area and have very little guidance. can u suggest me how can i prepare for cat or some better option which is beneficial for me… if you can help me… thanks..

  32. I had cracked CAT in past.I had joined AV LUCENT EDUCATIONS,NEW DELHI.I have study material and books,anyone willing to purchase it.Contact me.

  33. hello sir
    i m in 3rd yr
    i want to know whether appearing for CAT 2011 is better or going for work ex is better.
    plz tell me is preparing via correspondence worthwhile.
    thank u

  34. It would be very helpful if you can send me the study material and sample papers needed to prepare for CAT exam…
    And also, I wanted to know which top B schools in India consider CAT scores, apart from IIMs.
    Thanks in advance

  35. Sir
    I m doing my 1st year. What preparation should I do at this level for cat and GMAT? Does correspondence from 1st year help or I should first rely on mba magazines for 1st year and then take correspondence from 2nd year?
    Plz reply at the earliest.

  36. sir pls send me jmet n fms 2009 ques paper.n pls let me know which institute is best among cl n T.I.M.E to take coaching

  37. sir,
    i am a student of bioinformatics.m in my final year.i had nt planned that i wil do mba bt nw m interested in it.i hv jst 2.5 months left for preparation n hvnt joined any coaching institute yet.earlier i had taken coaching for bank exams.i want to knw whether the earlier coaching taken would prove beneficial in any way in the preparation for mba??i was gud at quantitative aptitude and analytical n logical reasoning.does mba entrances hv a much higher standard??i want to appear for cat,mat,xat and snap.can i prepare for the exams in the short time span??or hv to drop a year for the preparation??m quite confused..pls help me with as much advice as possible.hw to prepare n what to prepare.moreovr i live in patiala which lacks in gud coaching a weekend batch enough for such a short time preparation?pls guide me.
    i wud b highly obliged.

  38. hey iwanna will joining classes in3 yr help me coz i will hv 2 do multitasking im 1 yr btech studnt

  39. i had nt planned that i wil do mba bt nw m interested in it.i hv jst 1.5 months left for preparation n hvnt joined any coaching institute

    i want to appear for cat,mat,xat and snap.can i prepare for the exams in the short time span??
    im quite confused..pls help me with as much advice as possible.hw to prepare n what to prepare ..pls reply quicly

  40. i want to know what is the minimum number of questions that has to be answered in cat say if the total number of questions are 60. pls help me.

  41. sir
    i’m 3rd Btech student pls send me cat 2008 exam paper and some more previous papers regarding CAT

  42. m doing 3rd right now n i wanna do MBA in IIM. m preparing myself by online teaching only.. is that coaching enough 4 me coz i dont have time n righteplace for coaching near my college since m a hosteller. gimme a suggestion.

  43. hi,
    sir this is binay rai,i got in tenth 47, in 12 class 54 and graduation 58 perceent. I was best in study but due to my game cricket i got lowest marks but now i m totally dedicated to my own study. And i want to qualify CAT..from please suggest me i can apply for cat or not because i want one chance to apply trust me i want to be excellence person in my life.
    I will wait for your suggestion thanks

    Binay kumar rai

  44. sir i have appeared for cat and xat i am sure that i will not be cracking it.Please tell me wat to do. my family is forcing me to do an i am in a fix.please give me a solution .wat to do in my future .pls guide me.

  45. pls tell me how to crack cat and xat in future . wat other entrance exams your are suggesting me to appear in future which wil be easier than cat or xat . my dream is to do mba in hr .pls i am awiting for your reply

  46. Sir, i m a 1st yr b.e studnt with EEE branch n want 2 prepare 4 cat effectively rt 4m nw… Pls give me appropriate suggstns n advice , so dat i can muv in a steady manner. .

  47. Sir, i m a 1st yr b.e studnt with EEE branch n want 2 prepare 4 cat effectively rt 4m nw… Pls give me appropriate suggstns n advice , so dat i can muv in a steady manner. . .

  48. sir,i am doing BBA-4th sem. and iam also doing CAT prepration with coaching and i have only eight month, could you please suggest me time table and important tips.thankyou

  49. sir…m prepering 4 cat 2011…
    my prepation is gng m 2 confused wid maths..
    as its my weak sections always..
    plz suggest me how to improve in it..

  50. sir, i want to do mba from top college and want to fight exam cat ,xat or snap ,my % is below 50%(b-com) and got 55% in m-com so can i be elligible for exam or how can i do

  51. sir am doing my 3rd in electricals i.e.,EEE is cat a advisable course for me please suggest me

  52. hello sir,
    i am in 2nd year,,,
    and want to take cat coaching from delhi,,,,
    kindly suggest me the best coaching centre with efficient faculty in delhi,,,,!!!

  53. hello sir,,
    i got 85% in 12th cbse board in commerce stream,,,,
    plz tell me that am i having that much potensial to be in iim’s,

  54. hello sir,
    Iam swetha pursuing my with an aggregate of 71% n my inter aggregate is 89% n ssc is 84%.these are my academic details.My dream is to do MBA in one of the IIM’s .I joined T.I.M.E institute.
    suggest me how much time i need to work a day for preparing for cat to make my dream come true.
    Awaiting for your reply.

  55. sir cn u tell me wht is gonig on in cat exm?
    is there only written test or something else?

  56. respected sir,
    i have desired to take admission in IIM after cracking CAT with approx 99 percentile .but i m confused which IIM will call me because i got 76 % in xth and 60% in XIIth and in graduate 80% over all..
    please tell me in detail about this…

  57. Hi,
    I have this innate fear of QA. And that is stopping my progress in this aspect. Accordingly, my DI section is being affected. VA is my strong point. But QA is a worry. It is like as if my mind is saying “you cant do this” even before reading the question. I dont know what to do. Please mail me your reply. Thanks


  59. Im 2nd year student, wanna prepare for CAT, so give proper suggestion….as well total money required for it

  60. Im 2nd year student, wanna prepare for CAT, so give proper suggestion….as well total money required for it

  61. sir, i have started my preparation in july as my final year is over and planning for CAT-2011. And i have joind TIME but sir its so short term i feel and i mready to put all my efforts so plzzz suggest me wht to do and how

  62. hi sir,
    I’ve completed my btech this year… And i’ve started cat coaching since 40 days. I’m very poor at vocab nd quant sections and i still left with 3 months of time for my cat exam.. Is it possible for me to crack the cat exam nd get placed in IIM’s? If yes plz tell me how to improve my efficiency in those sections. And the materials to follow for vocab. And i really want to get placed in IIM sir… So plz help me..

  63. Sir I am a BBA IInd year student and I want to clear the cat exam but I have no knowledge about that exam plz send me the previous exam papers of 2010 with solution .. Plz send me sir I really need ur held

    Thank you

  64. sir i employee a company,how does i manage my study time ,my working hours in that company is 8.00 am to 6.30 pm

  65. sir plz tell me about cat exam, iam doing Bsc.(IT) and i also want to do preparation for cat .

  66. sir,
    I am dng Btech 4th yr (it)..vil u please tel me abt cat exam and how to prepare .. i am interestd for cat & also suggest me the best cat insititute..

  67. sir i m in btec 2nd year.. i dont know anything about it.. can u please help me.. and can u tell which institute i should join??

  68. Hi ,

    I am Natarajan, Since i am working in a software Profession how can i manage the time so please guide me how to prepare for this Exam,daily i can spend three to fours with in that is it possible to crack CAT …. pls help me…..

  69. dear sar

    m bca gredu. from sikkm manipal wd57%
    nw i wnt to prepr 4 cat,n i hv one
    ,big thing in my mind.dt IIMs
    considerd exilnt acdmic rocrd
    to gv d my rcord
    is not gud me n sugest me dt
    can i get an admisn in iims n
    how can i prepr for cat english
    section…its too tough to crk


  70. hello sir,
    im a 2nd year (electronics & communication) engg student,i guess i have enough time for my preparations to CAT. so, please let me know me from where i can start,the portions on which i shud concentrate & even some tips for studying.
    i had got jus 63%in 2nd pu.but by hook or by crook i wanna crack CAT with flying colors and even join IIM’s after my please tell me how strong i shud be at my present acedemics so that joining iims will be easy.
    im ready to put in all my efforts, so please guide me.
    waiting for your guide lines…..
    thank you

  71. Hi
    this is khushbu,i m doing and got 80% in 1st sem of kuk n my teachers n my pops hve expectations from me dat i wil do betr in furthr exams.i have passed my +2 from science stream under cbse n got 87% marks in pcm but due to my family circumstances i have to chnge d stream bt i m nt intrstd in dats y want to prepare for i cnt go out of station for studies so suggest me how to prepare myself staying at home n i have a gud intrst in math bt nt in english so suggest me how i should prepar n wt to giv prefernc 4m d two dat is n cat

  72. jus a month left for cat .. not preapared even a bit ..wat to do .. m really tensed .. jus tell me .. can jus a one month hard work help to get a good score for cat ?

  73. I am 26 yrs old, completed M.A(English).BEd.Is that posible to me to cleare CAT within 200th rank in 2012. If yes please guide me I do according to that please.

  74. sir ,i am in 12 standard (science)now and my ambition is to become manager of a reputed company with high pay so from where i should start
    whether i should join a coching center for iim now like iit or after graduation
    can u plz tell me the entire process that i need to follow .

  75. sir,
    i m a student of btech 3rd year. Please suggest me how to prepair cat exam and few idea about english.

  76. Sir im in 4th sem of BBA so plz tell me how shuld i start and plz send me study material

  77. i m a 2nd yr. student of engg. and i want to start preparing for cat .
    how should i start?
    please send me as soon as possible.

  78. sir, i am on the way of completing my master degree program. sir i like to prepare for cat. so sir please advice me about because i have wested my 2 years for master degree and now i am attracted towards cat.sir i am in confusion, please advice me regarding the cat. i am waiting sir………..please reply me.

  79. sir,
    Im studying b.e 2nd year,my dream is to study MBA in IIM ,I wanna a perfect route to go to achieve my goal.please!guide me as well as send all required materials to crack CAT.

    Thank u!

  80. sir,

    i passed my just in june,2012..and am preparing to give cat 2012.i have taken correpondence cource from times.iam preparing according to the study plan given.not joining classrom i feel..getting a complete self study is important first….still iam a bit confused regarding my decision..iam also focussing on other good colleges. and well..apart from iims..please help whether correspondence is fine if i give my 100%..??or i should join….

  81. sir,

    i am very interested to do MBA. that is why i would like to know about CAT and MBA. i am a 1st year Bcom student. would u plz tell me what step are to be taken to achieve my dream. i too want to know about the syllabus for CAT. and what is the score i required to pass CAT?

  82. hello,,
    m bsc student in open category, n m from pune pls suggest me bst coaching institue in pune for cat

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