IIFT Entrance Exam Syllabus

Admission into IIFT is through an entrance test for candidates holding a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in any discipline from a recognised university with at least 50 per cent marks in aggregate.

The entrance procedure is a 3-stage process: First is the written test covering areas of Quantitative Ability, Logic and Reasoning, English etc. The short-listed people will then have to appear for the Group Discussions and Interviews. Quantitative Aptitude section is exclusively devoted to Problem Solving.

Topics covered in this section are functions, trigonometry, vector 3-D Algebra, Arithmetic and Geometry, higher mathematics. Reasoning Ability section comprises questions from Data Interpretation, Analytical Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, Critical Reasoning and coding and decoding. Verbal / RC section comprises questions from Reading Comprehension, Fill In the Blanks, Antonyms, Synonyms, Jumbled Paragraphs, Analogy, and identify the misspelled words. General Knowledge questions are based on Current Affairs, Business, History, Geography, Constitution, WTO and Foreign Trade.

To stand a good chance of getting into IIFT , you need to have good command over English, fundamentals of mathematics, analytical ability and interpretation skills, etc. Take some time off to prepare thoroughly. Also, since the structure of the entrance test changes every year, your preparation should be anticipatory.
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  1. give a detailed syllabus of IIFT. and also give details of the name of news paper and magzines witch are useful for preparation IIFT entrance test

  2. i want detailed syllabus of iift 2012
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  6. i would want to know the exact chapters that are involved in mathematics..and also specially general awareness that are tent to ask for the indian instituite of foriegn trade college’s entrnace exam which is goin to be conducted on 25th of november…please do mail me these asked requirements as soon as possible..thank you

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