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JMET Answer key of the exam held on December 14th, 2008 can be found here..

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  1. Verbal = + 15
    Reasoning= + 20
    Quant= +15
    DI = +15

    AT MINIMUM, total = +65

    so not less dan dis.

  2. math was easy…i found LR a bit more diffclt than usual…
    ..since we had 3hrs ths time..cut off for IITB may soar up2 70-75…

  3. Hi,

    1)Is IIT going to publish the answer key in its site? Else, where can we get the answer key?

    2)Expected date for ranking/results?


  4. 100 on 120 ..? i doubt tat ,.. how many seats r thr btw.. nd the score is more like percentile rite..?

  5. Ya Ross IIT will directly give u d result….
    dey r nt going to provide u wid keys…
    bt u can hav dem on many MBA coaching site like etc…

  6. I guess the cut off with go high …with the overall score at about 80-85 for IIT bombay…
    The paper was easier and there was enough time to score a decent one in all four sections

  7. hey hello ..dude…
    neither i m too genius nor i m stupid..
    but i guess..all my frends r sayin that …it was the easiest paper of all time..
    so cutt off might go to 100…

  8. I guess the sectional cutoffs will be like

    Verbal: 12-13
    Reasoning: 16-17
    Quant : 15-16
    DI: 14-15

    Overall would be around 80 since one could easily pick up a section and salvage it since there was ample time

    @sunny…I hope the overall cutoff could come down to 75..but I seriously doubt if its going to be below that

  9. the paper was the one to do with brains!
    fairly simple.
    the time was a bit too much. it wud hv been a gud competition had it been 2.5 hr paper.

    the cutoff overall shud b abt 65-70 for iitb.

    this was simply not the quants 1 expects in a JMET xam.
    no calculus,simple probability. :D

    guess IIT were themselves unsure of the type of ques for the new pattern.
    Having said that, the paper was surely made to find some1 who can b a potential manager.

  10. @suny
    better if u say 75 is a cut off IITB
    overall m dead sure cut off wil nt cross 55-60
    anywaz ealier wen I gave it 2 years bak dere was no cut-off. The thing dat matter is ur rank…
    bt few people say only IITB use cut-off typo thing…

  11. :D
    thanks man!

    waise there is a rank system for all IITs..
    mumbai gives calls till abt 350th rank.

    but they also use the individual cutoff system..
    i.e. u get rnk 1 n dont clear a section..
    u r not called..

    IIT delhi calls top 350-400 ppl who apply there..
    so if top 350 ppl dint apply.. it can call upto say 750th rank…

    but expect upto 600 th

  12. @shobiz
    I kno dis man…
    dats y m saying cut off will go lower dan what people are saying here….

    last year one of ma frnd attemptd on 4 questions in math, but manged to get 327 rank
    he got call from all IITs except IITB

  13. @sunny..
    quite poss cz i had heard last time individual cutoff for QA wz 5-6/40 for iitb!!

    i went with this in mind n thot of doing 10 ques in QA first n thn do easier ques!!
    ended up doin A LOT!!

  14. ha ha ha….

    I completed al calculus, complex numbers, matrices and Determinants but nthing came…
    I felt really disapointd wen didnt fnd a single question from dese topics as JMET is popular for hard quant…

    eva quant was simple for 10th student (if some tell him d theory of probabilty)

  15. d Hey any one of u tried to solve question no 36 to 40
    (paper code A)… It seems that these questions were
    having insufficient information. I spent significant
    amount of time there….but not able to solv dat….

  16. Hi krish,
    The data for these quest was insufficient….But if you look at the answer chioces ,,you can solve 37,39 and 40…rest of the ques 36,38 can’t be solved.

  17. hey ppl… all of u r saying cut off ll be around 70-75.. is this for any1 iit or iit-bombay? kindly clarify guys…

  18. hey ppl… all of u r saying cut off ll be around 70-75.. is this for any1 iit or iit-bombay? kindly clarify guys…

  19. @Suny
    I was getting answer for 39 & 40 by looking @ the answer choices…. but I was clueless for the rest of the questions…. even dat time since I was not sure I didn’t attempt those.. :)

  20. @ post 9,

    ya..sunny i tried to evaluate overall cutoff..n never meant 20 sec cf for reasoning.. n i still think overall cf>=65..
    but yes maximum range wont go more than 75 @ max…

    guy who wrote..100..really is GOD kinda fellow..!! hahaha..

    but sunny, sec cf for reasoning vil be maximum for sure. it waz surely d easiest of d lot..!!

    so secs cfs.. may be,

    VERBAL 14-15
    REASONING 17-19
    QUANT 16-17
    DI 14-15

  21. ya.. sure.. JMET surprised wid dere Quant section dis tym.. no high level calculus..simple algebra..5-6 qus. just based upon formula construction for d given problem..

    still, overall, it was a balanced paper..testing a managerial n not engineering skills!! :)

  22. I definitely feel the cutoff will be around 75-80.

    If u compare this paper with the last years paper… uill find three striking diff in the pattern/format:

    1. 1hr extra.
    2. Reduction in No. of ques from 150 to 120. ( One can read all the questions easily, wasnt possible previously)
    3. Level of difficulty. (Ppl were anticipating a tougher quant section owing to an xtra hr on the watch…turns out u need not be an engineer at all to crack that section)

    I bet someone in the north might jst score 110-115 in this paper

  23. if some body saying cut off will be 100….than sunny u r correct she is idiot….overall it balance paper IIT..made…
    I think cut off will be..
    Quant…12 – 14
    LR……11 – 13
    Verbal…..12 – 14
    DI…..10 – 12

    Over all 50-58

  24. he guys m leaving now…
    chkd d solutions n getting 74.75 marks…
    if anyone get d call n wanna contact me
    den jst ping me at, can add me on orkut/facebook…

    b bye guys..
    its really nice talking to u guys…

  25. SUNY said :
    “you can solve 37,39 and 40…rest of the ques 36,38 can’t be solved.”

    i m happy the same wz the case for me… :D

    guess the soln are out..
    lemme c!!

  26. I agree with ashok
    i remember a ques about roses, flowers and veg in LR, i think non of the ans matched there…… (well statement II and IV were absolutely wrong, and III was surely correct, so non of the option matched)

  27. good to see so many people trying to speculate the cutoffs.

    But i feel that for IITB the Cutoff should not be more tha 70-72. and the cutoff in the LA section could well be the deciding factor because of a lot of questions with close option.

  28. roses, flowers and veg in LR,

    none of the option match so 3rd is right ans as sm1 said abv!
    n yes many a ans of careerforum were bt most were the ones that were easy!

    IMS hv a pathetic ans key..
    i think their only concern wz CAT..
    once thats gone.. so r they!

  29. U only getting ranking u need to apply in all IIT seperately and u get call if u clear there cut-off and well keep in mind there is lot of reservations in IIT

  30. As the answer keys are out by various sites. Does any one of us predict the possible cut offs.

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